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Ironcology was created in May of 2014 as a platform for one physician, named Jonathan Feddock, to combine his talents as a long-distance triathlete, with his passion for providing the best cancer care possible to patients in the state of Kentucky.

Dr. Feddock was working as a radiation oncologist at the University of Kentucky, where he specialized in the treatment of Breast, Gynecologic, and Pediatric cancers. His goal was to raise $200,000 to be applied as the downpayment for a new radiation implant procedure suite at the Markey Cancer Center that would bring advanced treatment options for women with gynecologic malignancies. Dr. Feddock arranged with the race directors of the 2014 Ironman Louisville triathlon race to allow him to be the final person to enter the water, and thus start the race. He had independently raised pledges over the preceding months for how many people he could pass throughout the day. Despite giving nearly a one-hour headstart to most athletes, Dr. Feddock caught 1,977 out of the 2095 athletes. That single day’s effort successfully raised over $54,000. With continued persistence through social media and the generation of regional awareness, additional donations have now helped Ironcology to raise nearly $500,000 since its inception in June of 2014.

Thanks to a very low operating budget which is essentially limited to the cost for start-up, website maintenance, and advertising for the Survive the Night Triathlon, Ironcology can successfully claim that 0.997 of every dollar donated goes directly to benefit cancer patients.

The original project of raising funds for the radiation implant suite was completed in 2014 and presented to the UK Capital Allocation Committee, where matching funds were provided totaling $2.2 million dollars. This project has shifted focus within the University and is now being included in a much larger new Department of Radiation Medicine build. The expected date of completion is to be determined.

Considering the initial success of this fundraising initiative, Dr. Feddock has continued to expand Ironcology. Beginning in 2015, Ironcology began holding its annual event, the Survive the Night Triathlon, which is a team relay race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running throughout the night. It is held in mid-June, and for 2018, will take place on June 15th at Kroger Field. Ironcology has also now been awarded 501c3 Tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. Our focus moving forward is to provide cancer support services for those patients most in need here in Central Kentucky. Money raised and/or donated to Ironcology will be provided to local hospitals through their Social Work teams to specifically provide resources in terms of money to pay for transportation, food, and lodging while patients and their family’s are receiving cancer treatments.


President: Jonathan Feddock, MD

Vice-President: Bryan Mullins

Secretary: Shannon Florea, MD

Treasurer: Erica Radhakrishnan

Voting Member: George Van Meter, Jr.

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