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Discover locations of all event, transition areas, and exchange zones. 

The Survive the Night Relays will take place at the University of Kentucky athletic facilities. The main staging area will be in the Commonwealth Football Stadium Green Lot (North end of the stadium in front of Bluegrass Community and Technical College). This is where the transition area and ALL exchange zones between bike loops and run loops will take place. The following map includes all segments of the race (and the marathon relay will simply complete only the running loop):

Race Map.JPG
Swim Course


The Swim will consist of 80 laps (or 160 lengths) of the pool within the Lancaster Aquatic Center. Each team will be seeded one team per lane, and teams can divide up the distance however you would like amongst team members, as long as exchanges only occur at the designated end of the pool. The minimum distance an athlete must swim is, therefore, 50 yards. All swimmers must begin in the water. No diving will be allowed.

1st Transition
(Yellow Segment on the Map)


Once each team finishes the swim segment, one runner from each team will need to complete the 0.4 miles run to the transition area at Commonwealth Stadium.

Bike Course
(Blue Segment on the Map)


The bike will consist of 100 laps clockwise around the 1.2-mile loop. This will be a fast bike loop with wide open and closed roads. We will have supplemental lighting in addition to the stadium lights. Think NASCAR! There will be a single exchange zone next to the transition area in the Green Lot. All cyclist exchanges are required to occur in this segment, therefore, the minimum a cyclist must complete is 1 lap or 1.2 miles.

Use this link to view a strava file of the bike course: STRAVA BIKE LOOP

Run Course - Both Triathlon and Marathon Relays
(Green Segment on the Map)


The run will consist of 20 laps of a 1.3-mile loop course beginning in the Green Lot of Kroger Field.  Runners will run in a clockwise direction exiting the lot onto Sports Complex Drive, and they will then climb the hill above Nutter Field House.  Runners will continue straight past the turn-off point for the Ultra Runners, and make a left turn onto Wildcat Court, where there will be a short out-and-back section in front of the athletic stadiums.  The run loop will then return back to the Green Lot, right in the heart of the transition area and adjacent to the bike course, so all teams can remain central. Exchanges must occur at the designated exchange zone, therefore, the minimum distance a runner must run is 1.3 miles. The final runner will complete a short loop towards the Nutter Field House at the end of their lap, during which all teams are encouraged to run this segment together, before finishing down the home stretch to the finish line.

Use this link to view a strava file of the run loop: STRAVA RUN LOOP

Ultra Run Course
(Pink Segment on the Map)

The ultra run will consist of as many loops as competitors can complete in a 12 hour time window, beginning at 8:00 pm on July 14, 2022.  The course will follow the marathon loop through the Green Lot and onto Sports Complex Dr.  Once runners climb the hill, they will take an immediate LEFT turn and head off-road.  The course is a single loop following the tree line away from the stadium.  Runners will complete 1 full lap in a clock-wise direction around the student recreation field off of Alumni Drive, and will head back around the practice fields.  The return run includes a short but steep uphill section before returning back to the point of origin which will return runners back to Kroger Field to begin their next lap.  Once each ultra runner completes a lap, there is a lap count leaderboard at the starting point where runners are asked to place a bracelet around their counting hook between each lap (there will be more on this in the athlete guide).

Use this link to view a strava file of the ultra loop: STRAVA ULTRA LOOP

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