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Ironcology is a 501c3 Tax-Exempt Corporation.

Cancer affects everyone, whether it is something we must face personally, or through a family member or a friend. We want the best care for those that we care about, but many patients and families simply do not have the resources to travel and receive cutting edge cancer care. Ironcology is focused on providing resources to patients and families in need who are traveling within central Kentucky so that they can afford to live and get the best cancer care they deserve.

What we are doing:

  • Providing support services to those in need

  • We purchase hotel vouchers, gas cards, and meals that are provided through our social workers

  • Our resources are available to all patients regardless of the type of cancer

Every donation helps. Here's how your support can help.

  • $15 Provides 1 meal for an individual family

  • $25 Provides a gas card to a family in need

  • $75 Provides a one-night stay in a local hotel


Help provide food, lodging, and transportation to cancer patients in need.

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