Discover locations of all event, transition areas, and exchange zones. 

The 2022 Survive the Night Relays will once again be headed back to the University of Kentucky Kroger Field.  We will be updating this page in the next few weeks to reflect the new course maps, so please check back.  
Transition Area and Exchange Zones

We will be utilizing the theater lot at Falling Springs as our main area for all of the race exchanges, food, music, and registration.

Swim Course


The Swim will consist of 80 laps (or 160 lengths) of the pool within the Falling Springs Aquatic Center. Each team will be seeded two teams per lane, but at opposite ends of the pool.  Given the smaller pool and limited time availability, each team will have 1 hour to complete as many laps as possible, with the goal being to complete 4000 yards.  Individual teams can divide up the distance amongst team members, as long as exchanges only occur at the designated end of the pool. The minimum distance an athlete must swim is, therefore, 50 yards. All swimmers must begin in the water. No diving will be allowed.

1st Transition
(Green Segment on the Map)


Once each team finishes the swim segment, one runner from each team will need to complete the 0.4 miles run to the transition area around the back of Falling Springs to the transition exchange zone.

Bike Course
(Blue Segment on the Map)


The bike will consist of 48 laps clockwise around the 2.5-mile loop. This will be a fast bike loop with wide open and closed roads. We will have supplemental lighting in addition to the available lights. Think NASCAR! There will be a single exchange zone next to the transition area in the theater lot that will be marked with Red exchange zone lighting. All cyclist exchanges are required to occur in this segment, therefore, the minimum a cyclist must complete is 1 lap or 2.5 miles.

Run Course
(Yellow Segment on the Map)


The run will consist of 20 laps around a 1.3 mile run loop that follows the paved drive around the back of Falling Springs Recreation Center, and then follows the paved bike path until the turnaround point, before returning back to the theater lot.

Ultra Course
(Pink Segment on the Map)


The ultra Run Course consists of the initial run out-and-back loop, but then takes a right turn OFF-road for the remaining 2.5 miles through the Woodford County cross-country course, combining smooth terrain with some challenging up hills along the way.  Teams will complete as many laps as possible on this 3.6 mile loop within the 12 hour time limit, and for the final our of the event, runners will remain on the paved 1.3 mile loop that is the same as the marathon course, with the goal as completing as many laps in the final hour as possible.