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A 2014 Year in Review of Ironcology

2014 is almost over and this has been an incredible first year for Ironcology. With everyone’s help, generosity, and support we have raised $141,285.50 in less than 7 months! I have learned a lot this year. Not only about myself including my capabilities as a physician, an athlete, and spiritually, but also a lot regarding what it takes to manage a website, promote a fundraiser, and network outside of the hospital world. There have certainly been a lot of setbacks, but with the success we have had in such a short time frame, I am inspired to keep Ironcology alive and ongoing. My next steps are to complete all of the necessary trademarks and licenses for Ironcology, redevelop a website that is done professionally (rather than built and maintained by myself), create an Ironcology triathlon team featuring cancer survivors, and above all, make Ironcology a more permanent entity. Thank you for being a part of my fundraiser and for doing your part to help improve cancer care. Happy New Year. The following is a review of Ironcology’s first banner year.

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For the final and perhaps most important date of 2014: [quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]I have confirmed with the IM Louisville Race Director that I will be starting the 2015 Race as the last starter. Its going to be Ironcology Part 2 on October 11, 2015![/quote]

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