Around the Big Island in 1 day

When my wife Shannon makes plans for a day-trip, she makes big plans. We woke up before dawn and were headed out for Volcanoes National Park, with a bunch of other stuff along the way… to include: Southern most tip of the US, Mauna Loa, Chain of Craters, hiking to the active lava flow (we didn’t end up making that as it was approx. a 10 mile round trip), downtown Hilo for the farmer’s market, Rainbow Falls, and then catch the sunset atop the observatory at Mauna Kea! Good news is, I am laying low today and tomorrow so hopefully I can finally recover from my typical chronically sleep and rest deprived, but we will be headed for the underpants run this morning at least.

Windmills at the Southern tip of Hawaii

The family at the Southernmost point… I took about 10 pictures and the boys eyes are closed in all of them. You also probably can’t tell but its raining!

This doesn’t happen every day.

Unfortunately, it was very hard to see at the Volcanoes because of the rain and fog.

Asher in the Volcanoes museum.

The warning sign that sits next to the Mauna Loa crater.

Getting ready to enter the Thurston lava tube.

The lava flow from 1979 – you can see the transition areas where lava flowed on the hillside.

Rainbow falls.

Top of the world at Mauna Kea crater and observatory.

Again, about 10 pics and boys eyes are closed in all of them!

Asher with the observatories in the distance.

Made it to sunset.

Mauna Loa in the distance.

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