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Returning to Louisville

I’ve written before about why the Louisville Ironman is sentimental to me.  Aside from being my first Ironman, the close proximity to Lexington, the finish line, and the fact many of my friends are always there either racing, competing, or spectating, I look forward to this race each year.  I am signed up again to race this year, and in just under 8 weeks, I’ll make the jump into the Ohio River to begin another journey.  I will be this year’s final starter, and we will once again be aiming to raise money by using the race as a platform.  This should be my 5th time racing in Ironman Louisville.

Mid Run IM Louisville (2013)

Mid Run IM Louisville (2013)

This year’s Ironman in Louisville is clearly going to be different.  World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) has shifted the date to October 11th rather than late August.  The assures cooler temperatures which should translate into a cooler and likely faster race, but this also means more competitors for me to try and catch.  3200 this year to be specific.  In addition, WTC nixed professional fields from a handful of races starting this year, Louisville included, so that means there will only be amateurs (including some newly professionals-turned-amateur-again) for me to race against.  So, I know have my goals as I continue preparing for this year’s race which will include a target of raising $75,000, which will be allocated as follows:

1. Complete the remaining balance from Ironcology’s first campaign.  I have raised $174,311 of the intended $200k that I originally set my sights on from last year. The purpose of that money is to fund the downpayment on a new brachytherapy suite at UK.  I have been approved to receive the remainder totaling $1.7 million, so at this point, my goal is simply to finish out the remaining balance of $25,689, and move on.

2. Raise $50,000 to be rewarded as an Ironcology Research Grant supporting a Lung Cancer clinical trial.  This campaign is going to be called “Lungs of Steel.”  A colleague of mine has been trying to get his own clinical trial up and running for the past 2 years, but has been unsuccessful at obtaining grant support.  I truly believe his clinical trial concept is novel and innovative, and it may very well be a game-changer in the treatment of Lung Cancer.  Considering Lung Cancer is our biggest cancer problem here in Kentucky, accessibility to good clinical trials here where it matters is going to benefit out patients even more.  I aim to raise $50,000 which should pay all necessary research expenses and fees for 3 years of the trial.  To read more, visit my Lungs of Steel page. 

3. I want to go back to Kona in 2016, but not only that, I aim to be on the podium this year at Louisville, meaning top 5.  This one is not necessarily a goal specific to Ironcology and fundraising, but rather my personal goal come October 11th.  If I make it to the podium, qualifying for World Championships should be a given.

Finish Line IM Kona (2013)

Finish Line IM Kona (2013)

Its going to take a lot of hard work and I need friends keeping me on track and in the game come race day.  So, please follow me as I get ready for the race.  If you are able, please donate; and if you are in Louisville on race day, come out and support.  We have just under 8 weeks to go.Donate with PaypalDonate with Credit Card

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