Each registered team is expected to identify a team captain who will hold several responsibilities.

1. Team captains will be able to register through and reserve a team’s entry at any time. The registration process will allow team captains to add team members at any time until registration closes on May 30, 2019, which is when the final team member count will be finalized. A completed roster with a detailed list of names will not need to be finalized until race day on June 14, 2019.

2. After registration closes on May 30, 2019, team captains will be contacted and a projected finish time will be requested. Our goal with team seeding is to position a team so that they finish roughly at the same time on Saturday morning. Your swim start time will be based on your projected finish time with a preference of placing the faster teams at a later starting time. All teams who do not provide a projected finish time will be scheduled to begin the swim at the earliest swim spot available – 7:30pm on Friday June 14, 2019.

3. The race will be officially timed by 3WayRacing who will provide time splits for the 3 disciplines, individual lap splits for the bike and run, as well as total time. However, team captains will be expected to submit additional timing information at the completion of the event in order to be considered for awards. These include a breakdown of how the distances were shared between team members – distance swam per person with a time split, number of laps completed on the bike with time splits, and individual time splits for the run legs. All necessary recording materials will be provided at the time of athlete check-in.

4. Considering the race will take place at night, additional care will be taken by the event staff to provide supplemental lighting on the bike and run courses. Regardless, the team captains should ensure that all competing cyclists are ready to present BOTH a mounted headlight and at a minimum a blinking tail light on their bicycles at the time of athlete check-in. Please note that these supplemental lights are necessary to improve YOUR vision and not specifically for others to see you.

5. All cyclists will be required to present a CPSC certified helmet. All members of the team are not required to present these items – only those who will be cycling.

6. Based on your team’s individual cycling times, it is anticipated that some teams may begin the run segment before sunrise. Even though the run course takes place on relatively low traffic roads and protected running paths, safety remains our primary goal. Each team must present at a minimum 2 headlamps and 2 reflective running vests at the time of athlete check-in which must be worn until daylight permits their removal.

7. Course nutrition will be provided to include fruits, water, sports drink, and granola bars. Possibly, there will be a hot meal (finger’s crossed). Otherwise, this event is meant to be largely self-supported, so teams are encouraged to prepare accordingly.

8. Each team is expected to provide 2 volunteers for the event, and YES, you can participate and volunteer.


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