2021 Survive the Night Relays
Athlete Guide


Welcome and Message from your Race Directors

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for participating in the Survive the Night Relays and joining us for a hot night in the middle of July.  The purpose of this race is to help fundraise for cancer support services, but also to encourage everyone of all ages and abilities to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  2020 presented a number of challenges beyond the risk of a viral infection, and everyone has lived and experienced the economic impact, especially our patients.  Despite not being able to hold the race in 2020, we still were able to provide over $26,000 back to cancer patients here in Central Kentucky, and patients continue to be in need.  All of the proceeds from this year's race will once again come right back to providing gas cards, meal cards, and hotel rooms for cancer patients  and with your help, we are on track to have our biggest year for fundraising yet.  In addition, we are thankful that you have decided to come be a part of our race and hopefully it will leave a meaningful impact on your approach to your lifestyle.

-Jonathan and Bob

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Schedule of Events

Friday, July 16, 2021

4:00-6:00 PM - Registration and Pack-It Pickup

(Theater Lot, Falling Springs Recreation Center)

Only one team member required to pickup Team Packet.


6:00 PM - Triathlon Wave 1 Athlete Meeting & Presentation of our Survivor Awards

(Theater Lot, Falling Springs Recreation Center)

All participants in first Wave asked to attend.

7:00 PM - Start of 1st Wave of Triathlon 

(Falling Springs Aquatic Center)

7:15 PM - 2nd Wave of Triathlon, Marathon and Ultra Athlete Meeting

(Entry Circle in front of Falling Springs Recreation Center)

All participants in these events asked to attend.

*If you are a marathon relay starting in the middle of the night, we will complete your athlete meeting when you arrive.

8:00 PM - Start of Ultra Runners, Marathon Relays, and 1st Transition Runners of the Triathlon

(Theater Lot, Falling Springs Recreation Center)

*Marathon teams have the option to start anytime throughout the night with projected finish by 9am.

8:10 PM - Start of the 2nd Wave of Triathlon

(Falling Springs Aquatic Center)

This race would not be possible this year without our Presenting Sponsor:


Registration and Packet Pickup

  • Registration and Packet Pickup will begin at 4:00PM on Friday, July 16th and will run until 7:00PM. 

  • It will be located in the Theater Lot in front of the Pavilion.  Look for the white double tent with the Registration sign.

  • We recommend all teams in the first wave of the triathlon pickup their team packet before 6:00PM in order to be able to attend the first wave athlete meeting.  The later times for packet pickup are mostly intended for the 2nd wave, marathon, and ultra participants.

  • We like to keep things efficient, so Team bags are prepacked with each entire team's Race swag, bib numbers, etc.

  • So, only one person from each team (preferably the team captain) needs to come to the packet pick-up table on race day

  • If you registered prior to the deadline for T-shirt orders, which was June 28th, then we will have your requested T-shirt size included in the prerace pack. 

  • If you registered after the deadline for T-shirt orders, which was on/after June 29th, we will have a shirt for you.  We try every year to guess the remaining shirt sizes with a reasonable count, but the estimates are never the same year to year.  We will give out sizes as requested based on availability, but we may not be able to guarantee your preferred shirt size.

Volunteer Registration

If you have registered as a volunteer, simply go to the same registration tent 10-15 min before your volunteer time period.  You be asked to sign a waiver, and offered a Volunteer shirt.  And thank you for volunteering.



12 Hours of Swimming, Biking, and Running


26.2 Miles of Pure Fun


Up all night joining in the Fight against cancer.

Note Regarding Safety

We will have several requirements, recommendations, and/or modifications to this year's races that will make this year's race safe for everyone involved:

  1. We kindly ask that everyone self monitor - and if you have a fever >100.5 F, new respiratory symptoms or could potentially have contracted Covid-19, please seek evaluation by your primary care physician before attending the event.

  2. The event will be outside, therefore masks are not mandated.  However, we will have in place some efforts such as spacing our the transition area, and providing ample space for everyone to socially distance where appropriate.

  3. We will have PPE available for all participants if you would prefer to wear a mask.

  4. We will have light towers and quite a bit of supplemental lighting, but all participants are expected to provide additional lighting in the form of a mounted headlight and at least a blinking tail light on the bike, and runners should have either a headlamp or lighted vest during the run.

  5. If you have any medical concerns during the event, please go to the Ironcology tent where we will be able to provide basic medical services.

Use the following Buttons to jump ahead to your respective race.
(Additional Info about food, parking, camping, etc. after Ultra section)

Survive the Night Triathlon

This year's race will be held at a new event space at Falling Spring's Recreation Center in Versailles, KY.  This will pose some challenges for us, mostly due to the smaller pool which only has 8 lanes.  Rather than having set distances with time cutoffs like we have used in previous years, we will focus on set time windows this year.  Teams will race to complete as many laps as possible within the allotted times for the swim and run consisting of 1 Hour Swimming and 6 Hours Biking.  Then all teams will complete the 26.2 mile marathon.  Awards will be based on total distance completed, with the time for the marathon being the final determinant of overall placing in the event of teams completing equal distances on the swim and bike.

  • Teams will be assigned to one of 2 swim waves that will begin at 7:00 PM and 8:10 PM, respectively.

  • Due to the smaller pool, we will be asking certain teams that may only have a few swimmers completing that segment to share a lane with other teams with similar numbers. 

  • All swimmers will need to complete a minimum of 50 yards (down AND back) before they can exchange swimmers

  • Team captains will be given a timing sheet at the pool deck, and each team will need to provide their own lap counter during the swim.  These sheets will be used throughout the event to also count the bike and run legs, and will need to be turned in at the conclusion of the race.  

  • Teams will be directed to have one swimmer in the water, one timer on deck, the next swimmer ready on deck, and all remaining active swimmers in the bleachers waiting for their opportunity to exchange in the pool.  All remaining parents, team members that are not actively swimming or assisting with the swim are asked to remain outside of the aquatic center.

  • Teams will have 1 hour to complete the swim.  The max distance will be set at 4000 yds, or 80 laps (down AND back), and teams are encouraged to complete as many laps as possible within the allotted timeframe.




Transition Run

  • Each triathlon team will need to designate one transition runner who will complete the run from the aquatic center to the bike transition area at the conclusion of the swim segment.  

  • For Wave 1 - their transition runner will begin at 8:00 PM, and for Wave 2 - their transition runner will begin at 9:10 PM

  • Transition runners will have a designated starting line outside of the aquatic center.

  • The team timing chip for the entire race will be given to the transition runner outside of the aquatic center shortly before the start of the segment

  • The run will follow the Marathon run course with the exception to transition runners will not complete the out-and-back segment on the bike path.  We will have volunteers to direct all runners.

  • Transition runners will pass through the run exchange zone and follow the cones directing them into the bike exchange zone (see image of the bike exchange zones below for more detail).

  • The distance of the transition run will be 0.5 mile.


Bike Loop

  • The bike course consists of a 2.5 mile out and back loop.

  • It begins in the theater lot of Falling Springs.  Exits the parking lot making a right turn onto Beasley Dr, and continues straight until McCowen's Ferry Road where cyclists will turn-around at the traffic light.  Cyclists will remain in the inside traffic lane, and at the light, turn around and follow the same course back.

  • Only one team-member can bike at a time.  

  • Cyclists will be asked to wear the timing chip on their ankle, and their bib number on their LEFT side/flank (see below) to help with lap counting and assure accurate timing

  • All cyclists will be required to have a mounted headlight on their bike and at least a blinking tail light.  Remember - the purpose of your headlight is to make it easier for YOU to see.  So choose your supplemental lighting wisely.

  • At the end of each loop, as cyclists return to the Theater Lot of Falling Springs, the course will split into two sections based on your intent as a rider - to continue or to exchange with a teammate.

  • The exchange area will be designated with RED rope lighting to create an alley and will be labeled.  Each team will have their own designated transition rack to store your teams bikes.  For this year, the exchange zone will be elongated and styled similar to a Nascar Pit Zone to enable more space for teams to exchange riders.  We kindly request teams to make hand-offs between teammates at their designated Pit Area.

  • There will be a second staged area that will be designated with BLUE rope lighting to create an alley for cyclists who plan to continue riding beyond one lap.  This exchange zone will be completely enclosed to ensure the safety of all participants, so no exchanges can be made within the blue lane.

  • We will be following USA Triathlon rules which state Participants are not allowed to abandon equipment or throw trash while on the course.  We will have plenty of garbage receptacles within the race staging area.  We will also monitor and will not allow blatant drafting during the bike leg.  Offenders will be given a warning for the first offence, and repeat offenders will have a 1 bike lap penalty charged against their team.

  • Teams will have 6 hours total for the bike course.  The max distance will be set at 120 miles or 48 laps, and all teams will be encouraged to complete as many laps within the allotted timeframe.

  • We will have a large projection screen posting live updates of each team's lap count, split, and team name.

  • The final cyclist will make a short (50 yds) transition run to the end of the exchange zone and will then cross over to the run exchange zone for the start of the marathon run.

Transition and Exchange zones.JPG

Bike course layout.  Runners completing the transition run and marathon route will follow the green lines.  The 1st transition runner will pass the exchange zone and follow the orange line above labeled T1.  Cyclists will complete the course as discussed.  The final cyclist will either rack their bike or hand-off the timing chip, and the 2nd transition run will consist of the remainder of the exchange zone, and runners will exit following the pink line and loop back onto the run course.

A link to the GPS file can be found here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36160795 

Bike Support

Bicycle Face will be providing assistance with last minute repairs or bike needs for the time leading up to the start of the race between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.  Look for the tent in the Theater Lot by the exchange zone.

For any addition bicycle support needs and/or basic repairs later in the night, go to the Ironcology tent.

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Survive the Night Marathon

Marathon Loop

  • The run course consists of a 1.3 mile out and back loop, and teams are required to complete 20 laps.

  • Triathlon teams will begin the Marathon relay as soon as they complete 120 miles on the bike, OR they reach the end of the 6 hour time limit.  Marathon teams can begin as early as 8:00PM on Friday night, but can also begin any time during the night providing sufficient time for a staged finish close to or before 9:00AM on Saturday morning.

  • It begins in the theater lot of Falling Springs and will be running in the opposite direction from the cycling course. 

  • Runners will start the loop between the 2 BLUE arches with rainbow rope lighting to create the exchange zone.  Runners will exit the lot heading North towards the Tennis Courts and the Stadium.  Runners will follow the bike path through the stadium, adjacent to the aquatic center and will proceed along the bike path remaining on the right side of the lane until the turn-around point.  Runners will make a U-turn back towards Falling Springs again on the bike path.  They will exit making a right turn onto the running path, following around the tennis courts in a counter-clockwise direction.  As you descend the hill, runners will make a right turn onto the Football field and run one lap before returning to the running path.  They will stay to the right and return back to the Theater Lot exchange zone. 

  • The minimum distance that a teammate must run will be 1.3 miles, or one lap. 

  • Exchanges must occur within the designated exchange zone.

  • Runners are asked to wear their bib number on the chest at all times while running and to wear the timing chip on their ankle.

  • Runners are required to wear additional lighting - one of the following: headlamp, lighted vest, belt, etc.

  • When the final runner completes their 20th lap, the entire team is encouraged to join together, and run the final "short loop" - about 200m which will leave the exchange zone and make a right turn leading teams into the finisher's chute.

  • Teams will have 5 hours to complete the full marathon which will be 26.2 miles.

  • We will have a large projection screen posting live updates of each team's lap count, split, and team name.

  • IMPORTANT: The marathon course will overlap with our Ultra course, but the ultra course is intended to take runners off pavement and onto the trails.  The marathon course will be marked using GREEN cones with GREEN lights.  Marathon runners will need to follow the signage and listen to the volunteers on the course.  Aside from the Football field loop, which is Astro-Turf, there are no off-road sections to the marathon course.


Survive the Night Ultra

  • This will be our first year hosting an ultra relay, but that doesn't mean we don't have a ton of collective experience participating in Ultras!

  • The course will feature both on- and off-road terrain, but the off-road components are essentially a groomed cross country course with very little if any technical terrain.

  • There will be some rolling hills with 2 opportunities per lap to climb "The Wall," as it is coined for the High School Cross Country races.

  • The Ultra Event will last 12 hours - the first 11 hours will be completed on the mixed terrain Ultra course, and then all runners will complete the remaining lap they are on, and then begin running the remaining laps on the shorter, 1.3 mile Marathon loop which is detailed in the section above.

  • Ultra runners will start at 8:00PM within the Running exchange zone in the Theater Lot of Falling Springs.  This will be marked with 2 Blue arches and rainbow rope lighting.  Ultra runners will likely also be starting along side some Marathon Relay teams.  

  • The Ultra run will start the same direction as the Marathon relay, and will exit the lot heading North towards the Tennis Courts and the Stadium.  Runners will follow the bike path through the stadium, adjacent to the aquatic center and will proceed along the bike path remaining on the right side of the lane until the turn-around point.  There will be a U-turn for the marathon runners, but Ultra runners will follow the turn and then follow the PINK signs leading them off road onto the cross country course.  The course essentially follows the Powelines in counter-clockwise fashion, passes by the creek, climbs the North side of the Wall, exits into the expansion fields of the Disc golf course again in a counter-clockwise fashion, returning runners downhill for one more opportunity to climb the South side of the Wall, and then runners will return along the home fields back to the Theater Lot.  Runners will enter back through the Exchange zone to complete 1 lap.

  • We will have a large projection screen posting live updates of each team's lap count, split, and team name.

  • We will also have a designated aid station at the exchange zone reserved for Ultra runners, which will be stocked throughout the event.

  • Runners are required to wear their bib number on front, carry additional lighting in the form of a lighted vest, headlamp, or something similar.  This is strongly encouraged to consider your additional lighting such that it enables YOU to see.  The course will be closed to any and all traffic.

  • We will have course markings consisting of traditional marking tape, yard signs, PINK cones, and PINK glowsticks to denote the Ultra course.  The marathon loop will be marked in GREEN.

  • Runners will aim to complete as many laps as they can within the 12 hour timeframe.


Our official Sports Medicine Provider will be onsite throughout the race not only competing, but also ready to help keep all of our athletes going.  Visit their tent to learn more or for some foam rolling, stretching, and basic physical therapy assistance.


Our official timer, since this race started has been 3WayRacing.  We couldn't imaging working with anyone else.  Skip and Matt stay up all night with us every year, so please tell them thanks for their hard work and dedication.

Cancer Survivor Awards

  • The whole purpose of this race is to encourage everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle, experience multisport and triathlon, and to use those to give back to cancer patients.

  • We therefore want to celebrate our cancer patients more than ever.

  • We are very excited about cancer survivor awards for this year, and we hope you will be too.

  • They are once again sponsored by Park Community Credit Union, in memory of the late Christian Shadburne.

  • We plan to do things a little different this year, so we are going to give our cancer survivor awards out early this year and during the 1st Wave Team meeting at 6:00 PM at the Theater Lot of Falling Springs.  We hope all will attend.

  • If you are unable to make this first wave meeting to accept your award, simply go to the Ironcology tent when you arrive and we will present you your cancer survivor award.


Participant and Overall Awards

All participants who complete the Triathlon, Marathon, and Ultra running races will receive a custom Survive the Night Finisher's medal.  

We will have overall team awards for each event consisting of the top 3 teams for Female, Male, and Co-Ed, Corporate, and 17 & Under.  We will have specific awards for the Ultra participants based on the total distance completed if they surpass 50k or 50 miles.

We will make every attempt to distribute the awards as we receive them (and potentially as you cross the finish line) rather than holding a designated awards ceremony late in the morning on Saturday.


What's for Dinner and Breakfast?

We always try our best to feed our participants.  For this year this is certainly no different.  We will have Little Caesars Pizza and Cheesy Bread, and baked potatoes from Wendy's for dinner on Friday night, plus additional snacks, fruit, and handhelds. 

Throughout the night we will have coffee from Nate's Coffee Company here in Lexington, plus additional handhelds and snacks.

In the morning, we will have Doughdaddy's Donuts, assorted fruit, Oatmeal, and Breakfast Burritos from McDonalds.


Participants can also enjoy a complimentary Cider from Pivot Distillery who will be onsite.  Please do not drink and Ride, and while participating in our event, we prefer if you enjoy your Cider after you have completed your segments.

Food will be located in the outdoor pavilion next to the Theater Lot, and there will be one separate food tent accessible only from the Run Exchange that is for participants in the Ultra run only, since they will be completing the course solo and therefore will be remaining on course.  We will have additional tables adjacent to both the bike and run exchange zones which will remain stocked with Water and SWORD hydration drink.


Getting to Falling Springs

For directions from Regional Cities, follow this link: HERE

  • Check-In for all races will begin on Friday, July 16th at 4:00PM.  All teams and solo participants are encouraged to complete Check-In BEFORE 6:30PM.  This will allow you sufficient time to park, get oriented, set-up camp, etc.

  • Please use the parking diagram below for guidance.  The section of the lot to the West, will be encircled by the Bike course from 7:30PM to roughly 3:30AM (and potentially later).  If you park in this section of the lot, you will have a difficult time leaving Falling Springs in the middle of the night.  This is the section of the lot, however, we would prefer for you to park if you intend to stay for the entirety of the event OR are coming in an RV or mobile camper.

  • All participants who may be coming or going throughout the night will be asked to park on the East side of the Falling Springs parking lot as designated below.

  • IMPORTANT: If you are planning to arrive during the hours of 8:00PM through 3:00AM, please consider entering Falling Springs by the Avenue of Champions, which enters by the ball fields directly from Tyrone Pike.  This will help reduce traffic for our cyclists who will be riding on both sides of Beasley Rd.

After hours entry.JPG

Diagram of bike course and parking lot.  If you plan on staying for the entire event, please feel free to park in the section of the lot labeled "Bike Course 8pm-8am," otherwise park in the designated area if you intend to come and go during the night.  Please consider taking Avenue Champions to enter Falling Springs if arriving or departing between 8pm and 3am to reduce traffic for our cyclists.


  • We are very fortunate to be able to have complete use of Falling Springs during the night, and participants ARE ALLOWED to camp onsite.  Please see the map below for designated areas where we would prefer for you to camp.  

  • There is plenty of space for everyone to put up a tent at Falling Springs, but location will be on a first come first serve basis.

  • If you plan on bringing an RV or other mobile camper, please park in the overnight parking lot.


Ironcology Planning Team

Jonathan Feddock

Bob Callen

Mary-Beth Naumann

Kevin Compton

George Van Meter

Segment Captains

Swim - Susan Bradley Cox

Bike - Bryan Mullins

Run/Ultra - Bob Callen and Jonathan Feddock

Please say hi and thank our team if you are having a good time!  Especially our volunteers!

Be sure to smile on the course as we will have Jeff and Abby Laub back taking your photos on course.

Special Thanks to All of our Sponsors
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Last but not least, this race is managed and directed as a joint partnership of the Bluegrass Runners and Ironcology.