Hiking Down to Waipio Valley

We finally made it to Kona! Race week here is something else. As athletes are now starting to come into Kailua-Kona, we left town for one of the coolest and protected areas in Hawaii – Waipio Valley. This is one of the only remaining valleys in the Hawaiin islands that remains undeveloped. The road to get there is also one of the steepest roads in the world. It’s less than 1 mile, but with an average grade of 25% and at times as steep as 40%. Apparently Lance Armstrong once climbed it on a bike in just over 9 min to raise money for the Livestrong foundation. Walking it was just enough for me!

The start for the Ironman. Here in 2 more days, this will be absolutely packed!

This is the view of Waipio valley from the Overlook

Asher at the top

Steepest road ever!

The hill down is very steep, although that didn’t stop Ande from trying to fly down it!

Getting to the bottom of the road, you get to see what is so magical about the valley.

The black sand beach of Waipio Valley

Ande being a ham!

And of course, thriller got just about as dirty as he could within minutes of arriving!

Waipio Valley Weather Station

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